Primary Care Physician needed

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21st Century "Horse & Buggy Practice"

Picture this:

• No admits, average census: 200 patients; average volume: 8-10 cases/day;

• State-of-the-art EMR and a personal medical assistant who chauffeurs you to each visit;

• In-home diagnostics: EKG, ECG, ultrasound, vascular studies, Holter monitor and x-ray;

• A dedicated physician (you) well-positioned to make the best use of your time and skills;

• Patients and their families confident they are receiving the best medical treatment available;

• No staying late to finish ride off into the sunset after your last appointment;

• No pipe dream. (This is the largest geriatric private practice in the nation.)

Home visits afford a focused insight into a patient’s total health picture, positioning physicians to more accurately discern and resolve life-threatening acute and chronic conditions that are too often missed.

Are you called to do more than grind volume in a system that increasingly devalues your profession?  If so, this opportunity offers a competitive salary, bonus & benefits. But more importantly, it offers the satisfaction of witnessing the fruits of time and effort well spent.

To inquire about this opportunity, contact me or provide your phone number and a time to call.

Paul Lukey

The Community:

In the early 19th century, during a period of rapid expansion, residents of Cincinnati began referring to the city as the "Queen" city. In his poem "Catawba Wine", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote that the city was "the Queen of the West". Later in the century, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the country's first professional baseball team. That year the team one 57 games and tied once--a won/lost percentage yet to be matched by any baseball team!

Cincinnati is a city of hills. While not a literal description, the city has long been given the nickname "The City of Seven Hills"--a reference to the seven hills of Rome. Before the advent of the automobile this system of stairways provided pedestrians important and convenient access to and from their hilltop homes. At the height of their use in the 19th century, over 30 miles of hillside steps once connected the neighborhoods of Cincinnati to each other.

Today, Cincinnati is known for baseball, fun places to visit and commerce. Altogether, nine Fortune 500 companies and fifteen Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in the Cincinnati area. With nine Fortune 500 company headquarters in Cincinnati, the region ranks in the nation's Top 10 markets for number of Fortune 500 headquarters per million residents, higher than New York, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles. Here are just a few recreational venues: Kings Island, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Graden, Newport, Aquarium, and Macy's Music Festival. The Ohio River which was so instrumental in it's development is now also a draw for different kinds of recreation--including riverboat gambling.

The Greater Cincinnati area consists of many public school districts, most of which contain one or more high school. There are also a number of Catholic high schools, many of which are single-sex, along with many other private schools (which are generally co-ed). Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State, Kaplan College, University College of Law, College of Mount Saint Joseph, Antonelli College and Good Samaritan College-Nursing are a few of the choices for higher education.


  • Cincinnati
  • OH
  • United States

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  • Primary Care Physician needed
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Permanent
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  • Medbulletin LLC
  • Paul Lukey
  • 812-269-6207
  • 800-827-0865

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